Latest Project: LANTAL

Relaunch of the LANTAL website

LANTAL is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing textiles and services for international air, bus, and rail transportation, as well as VIP jets and yachts. As a Swiss-based company, LANTAL prides itself on delivering the highest quality products and services.

LANTAL 2023 approached Snowflake Productions to redesign its corporate website, with a focus on creating a contemporary and minimalist design that reflects the brand’s values of high quality.

Snowflake’s creative team created an attractive user interface that showcases LANTAL’s high-quality imagery. The design was then translated into «design tokens» and «code components» using AtomicKitchen.

AtomicKitchen allowed us to thoroughly test and evaluate the entire responsive front-end, including scrolling animations and interactive effects, prior to technical deployment in the CMS. This enabled us to attain an exceptional standard of quality in the technical execution, ultimately benefiting the user experience.

Click here for the LANTAL frontend, implemented in Atomic Kitchen

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